Hi! We are selling digital images. These images will be emailed directly to your email, (except for option 4, which we will mail you a flash drive with all the images)

**How to order**
Message/email us and indicate which image(s) you want by telling us:
1) The day
2) The number that corresponds to the image.

We have a couple different pricing options for you to choose from. They are:

Option 1: $40
Single low resolution image that is social media ready. (Not recommended for printing)

Option 2: $55
Single high resolution image (for printing) and the corresponding low res image for social media.

Option 3: $300
Ten (10) high resolution images with the corresponding low res images for social media.

Option 4: $500
All high resolution images of you. They will all come with their corresponding low resolution images

Payment will be accepted via Paypal. The email address for that is: [email protected]
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