Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images.

Hi! We are selling digital images. These images will be emailed directly to your email, (except for option 4, which we will mail you a flash drive with all the images)

**How to order**
Message/email us and indicate which image(s) you want by telling us:
1) The day
2) The number that corresponds to the image.

We have a couple different pricing options for you to choose from. They are:

Option 1: $40
Single low resolution image that is social media ready. (Not recommended for printing)

Option 2: $55
Single high resolution image (for printing) and the corresponding low res image for social media.

Option 3: $300
Ten (10) high resolution images with the corresponding low res images for social media.

Option 4: $500
All high resolution images of you. They will all come with their corresponding low resolution images

Payment will be accepted via Paypal. The email address for that is: [email protected]